A screenshot of my most recent project at Flatiron School for Ruby on Rails

If you recall from my story on Act 1 you may remember that a character in any story must have a clear visible goal or finish line that they are trying to reach in order for us to identify with them.

My visible goal has been over the last 3–4 months been to graduate from Flatiron Schools Software Engineering program and to then get hired as an engineer as quickly as possible once I graduate.

I think it's fun to look at movies and books and their character's journeys, to better understand the journeys we set out on in our…

What I am about to share with you is an extremely powerful tool. Once mastered this tool can give you insights and power to control and manipulate data within your JavaSript apps in ways you never dreamed possible….

The days of console logging your events are OVER. Put that old tool away and join me on the journey to become a Master Debugger!

In a recent project of mine that I worked on in Phase 3 (JavaScript) of my Flatiron School Software Engineering Bootcamp, we built a fantasy F1 Draft app that would allow you to build your favorite…

Before I started attending the Flatiron School Software Engineering Bootcamp back in February of this year I had many unanswered questions…

  1. Is it possible to attend a full-time coding Bootcamp and still be able to fulfill my responsibilities as a parent and a spouse?
  2. Can I also keep the other commitments in my life that are important to me, like church, family, friends….relaxation!?
  3. How much time will a coding Bootcamp take out of each day? Will I have the energy to spend time with my family at the end of a 10-hour day?

For those of you reading this because…

Everyone loves a good story, right? What exactly is it about a good story that keeps an audience captivated and in eager anticipation of a character they barely know?

Photo by Hush Naidoo on Unsplash

Good stories have a captivating CHARACTER (“the hero”) who is pursuing some compelling VISIBLE desire and facing seemingly insurmountable obstacles in achieving it.

That character partakes on a Quest or Adventure with a DESIRE to achieve something physical that has a “finish line” or a GOAL we as the reader or viewer can visualize. Some examples I can think of where the main character has a visible goal at the beginning…

Ian A. Davies

A software engineering student and aspiring white-hat hacker on a passionate pursuit to develop effective software, unstoppable teams, and strategic leaders.

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